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Our story began whilst on a dream holiday in Canada!  We fell in love with the natural beauty of the Canadian Rockies - the sights, the smells and the outdoor culture.

Upon our return home we moved to the beautiful Holme Valley and were inspired to create our own natural scented candles so that we could bring a piece of Canada home. 


We believe that a smell can instantly transport you to a particular memory or experience - a certain time and place. The earthy fragrance of pine and cedarwood takes us back to happy memories spent in the Canadian wilderness and we hope some of our products can do the same for you.  


Whilst trying to recreate the atmosphere and experiences we enjoyed in Canada we discovered hygge - the Danish way to live well. 


Hygge is about finding comfort, joy and peace in a moment.  How we find that sense of hygge is very personal.  For one person it may be relaxing on the sofa in your PJs in front of the fire with a warm cup of tea and your favourite book.  For someone else it may be peacefully swinging in a hammock in an alpine forest beside a lake, listening to the morning chorus.  There is no right or wrong way to find your hygge moment as long as you feel relaxed, content and at peace then you’ve crackled it!

Grace & Huw x

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